West Kowloon Terminus,exterior view



Project Details

 Project name: Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus Hong Kong
 Site Area: 430 000 sqm
 Location: Hong Kong, China
 Completed date: 2015
 Clients: MTRC Contract 810A/Leighton/Gammon joint venture
 Architects:  Aedas-AECOM
 Structural, Fire Safety, Civil and Geotechnical Engineer: Aecom
 Building Services Engineer: Meinhardt
 Structural Engineer, Façade Performance – Entrance Building: Buro Happold
 Sustainability Consultant: Buro Happold
 Landscape Architect: Aecom
 Quantity Surveyor: Widnell
 Traffic and Transport Engineer: MVA
 Rail and Transport Planning Advisor: Systra

The largest underground high-speed rail station in the world, located in the West Kowloon of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the southern gateway into mainland China, the West Kowloon Terminus will connect Hong Kong with its surrounding neighbours within the Pearl River Delta region, and then connecting to the National High Speed Rail Network of  Mainland China.

Sitting on the edge of Victoria Harbour, and occupying a site area of 430 000 sqm, the design of the West Kowloon Terminus had to be nothing short of spectacular. The price of Hong Kong real estate is known to be expensive, and with prime land like this, the value is immense, the design had to be iconic and symbolic. Iconic to reflect the site and Hong Kong itself, symbolic to  the ever flowing relationships of the Peoples Republic of China and its Special Administrative Region.

The flowing roof is symbolic of the  movements between Hong Kong and Mainland China and references to the train lines and activity happening below the roof is also evident. The West Kowloon Terminus is to function more like an international airport than a train station, this means that immigration controls for departures and arrivals are required. An unusual element of the West Kowloon Terminus is that it will have both immigration domains for Hong Kong and China within its facilities, this is unusual as typically the immigration of airports only serve their own host country. because of the relationship between China and Hong Kong. this arrangement is suitable within the terminus. This will arrangement and the high speed rail network will further reduce the travel times of passengers between Hong Kong and China.

Scheduled to be completed in 2015, the West Kowloon Terminus will become another iconic building within the Hong Kong skylight.  In collaboration with Aedas, AECOM (landscape architects) have designed exterior areas of the Terminus to fit with its surrounding context, not only functioning as a rail terminus, but also as a landmark and civic place for the residents of Hong Kong.

Stay tuned and be excited as another iconic civic building is about to emerge in Hong Kong.

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